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Crowdfunding Angel Community: Learn about crowdfunding, discover deals and track your favorites.
Background: Who Are Crowdfunding Angels?
Historically, members of Angel Investor Clubshave been forward-thinking people -- courageous enough to support risky, but exciting, early-stage companies. But these clubs were limited to accredited investors -- people with high net-worths who invest thousands of dollars into early-stage companies.

Now, Crowdfunding Angel Investors -- everyday people that are first-time, entry-level or experienced investors -- can fund companies pursuing the American Dream with a $100 investment.

Crowdfunding Angels believe in entrepreneurship and small business, and are adventurous in trying out new ways -- such as investment crowdfunding -- to show their support. Some Angels are still learning about crowdfunding, and some have already invested in companies, but all are serious about supporting startups through investment crowdfunding. The Crowdfunding Angel Community brings this group of like-minded people together to share and learn about each other and from each other.
The Crowdfunding Angel Community
All members of the Crowdfunding Angel Community make a pledge to invest three hundred dollars over the next twelve months across at least three deals (i.e. about $100 per deal). By doing so, they affirm their sincerity in intending to financially support entrepreneurs and small business owners.

No one from NextGen will call you or contact you about your pledge to invest, nor will we encourage you to invest in a specific campaign.

Investments can only be made through government-registered platform websites. NextGen does not recieve any commission, equity, success fees, or other compensation when Angels choose to invest in a company they've found on our website or through our events. We also do not recommend any investments or companies. Investments are inherently risky, and it's possible that you could lose money. Read more on our FAQ page.