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The security token industry will be born in 2018 and will provide a key foundation for the evolving financial internet. Security tokens will enable a generation of post-ICO, crypto-based fundraising, and will be used to tokenize the trillions of dollars of global assets (real estate, debt, equity). The Security Token Academy will provide insights about this new era for security token enthusiasts, investor and issuers.

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Expert Series: The Future of Security Tokens

Security tokens are often viewed as an extension of Initial Coin Offerings toward regulated ICOs, but is there more to the story? Tune in for a discussion on two value propositions of security tokens: 1) To help companies, such as startups, raise money (new issuances), and 2) to help improve liquidity of existing assets such as real estate, equity and debt. Hear from Carlos Domingo, Founder and CEO of Securitize, and Jeremy Gardner, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Ausum Ventures. Read More »

Trevor Koverko Interview

How did security tokens get started, and what potential do they have to change the world of traditional finance? Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath Network, explains why security tokens are the future. Don't miss his important prediction about this exciting new industry. Read More »

Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko: Security Tokens Are The Future

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